Rail Safety Education Program

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Rail safety is an essential life skill and Sydney Trains aims to educate school students and the community to travel safely on and around trains and stations

  • Our team of educators can visit your school or community group with our FREE rail safety workshops that are tailored to the needs of the audience and their ages.
  • We can also host FREE information/activity stalls at your community event.

Please see below for more information:

For preschool and primary studentsPreschool and primary school students

I'm Axel the Trainbot, I help teach preschool and primary students how to stay safe around trains

Songs, books, animations, role play and games are used to deliver safety messages.

For secondary school studentsSecondary school students

Sydney Trains empowers students to improve their safety with student-led activities, discussions and scenarios. We have a range of incursion themes to choose from.

For secondary school studentsCommunity groups & events

Community groups eg. seniors, EAL (our educators can deliver Opal info) and host activity/information stalls at community events.

Why is rail safety important?

Safely stepping onto a train Australia’s rail network is the sixth largest in the world, with 44,000 km of track and 23,500 level crossings across the network. A large portion of the network is unfenced. Learning safety skills around trains and tracks at a young age is as important as learning to cross the road or how to swim.

Risk taking is common

Over 250,000 Australian school students use the rail network to get to school each day. Young people regularly take risks near platform edges and on level crossings. These actions can cost them dearly. Others engage in risky behaviour deliberately and wilfully.

The consequences can be catastrophic

Regardless of the intent, the consequences can be catastrophic, involving permanent injuries or even fatality. On average, across Australia each year there are:

  • around 136 trespass incidents causing death or serious injury on the rail network. Additionally, there are over 4,200 near hits resulting from trespass.
  • 130 pedestrian level crossing incidents causing death or serious injury every year and an additional 20 collisions with vehicles. That is 150 in total level crossing collisions causing death or injury.
  • 150 fatalities and serious injuries resulting from rail suicide and attempts.

Please visit tracksafeeducation.com.au for more information.

Who can participate?

Workshops are available free of charge to all public, Catholic and independent schools (including students with additional needs) and community groups in Sydney.

Contact us

To request a workshop or information/activity tent, please complete the form below or contact us for further information at:
Rail Safety Education Program
E-mail: schools@transport.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (02) 8574 2831

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