Travelling at night

Well-lit station at nightTry to use well-lit, main roads and avoid travelling alone at night.

Make sure that someone knows that you are travelling and if you can, it's helpful to carry a mobile phone.

On the platform, stand in an area which is brightly lit, covered by CCTV and close to Emergency Help Points.

Sit close to the guard's compartment indicated with a blue light on the train.

If there are other passengers on the train try to sit near them and not to become isolated.

Guardian service

On Friday and Saturday nights, special Guardian services operate which include additional security measures. This initiative provides customers with further peace of mind when travelling at night.

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NightRide buses

Most trains do not operate between midnight and 4.00am. For your convenience a special NightRide bus service is available between these hours. All buses have radio contact with taxi operators and a taxi can be requested to meet you at your destination.

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