Be heat smart

Sydney Trains customer with a bottle of waterWhen you're travelling on the Sydney Trains network this summer, be heat smart and remember:

  • Always carry a bottle of water so you can keep yourself hydrated.

  • Wait on areas of the platform that are out of the direct sunlight if possible.

  • If you're feeling ill at a station, please don't board the train because we'll be able to get you some help much quicker if you remain on the train platform. Ask a staff member for help.

  • If you start to feel unwell on-board the train, please let the guard know and get off at the next station.

Almost all trains on the Sydney Trains' network are now air-conditioned to increase the comfort of customers, especially when the mercury soars.

The NSW Government has ordered 24 new eight-car Waratah-style trains, meaning more reliable and comfortable commuter services will begin rolling onto the tracks from late 2018. These trains have improved air-conditioning with advanced temperature control.