Transport OfficersOn-the-spot fines are in place to crack down on fare evasion and anti-social behaviour on the Sydney Trains network.

Transport Officers and police have the right to request to see your ticket and concession card at any time and can issue on-the-spot fines.

Some examples are listed in the following table:

Offence On-the-spot-fine Maximum penalty
Putting feet on seats $100 $1100
Travelling without a valid ticket $200 $550
Littering $200 $1100
Throwing an object in, at or from a public passenger vehicle or station $200 $2200
Smoking $300 $550
Drinking alcohol $400 $1100
Offensive language, offensive behaviour or spitting $400 $1100
Damage vehicles or property through graffiti or vandalism $400 $2200
Blocking doors or interfering with equipment $400 $5500
Trespassing on railway land $400 $5500

If you have been fined you will have been given a penalty notice with payment required within 21 days. Payment can be made to the State Debt Recovery Office by mail, phone or online.

If you believe you have been unfairly fined you have the option of having the matter dealt with by a court. Depending on the circumstances you may also be entitled to a review by the State Debt Recovery Office.

Visit the State Debt Recovery Office website for further information on the fine process.