Conditions of travel

For the safety and comfort of other customers, please ensure you observe these conditions of travel.

Animals and pets

Animals are not permitted on stations or trains, except for assistance animals or police and security dogs.


Consumption of alcohol or being in possession of an open container of alcohol is not permitted. Drunk and disorderly people are not permitted on stations and trains.

Bikes and other wheels

Mountain bike ridingIf you hold a paper ticket

Bikes are permitted on trains free of charge, except if any part of the journey is made between 6.00am and 9.00am or 3.30pm and 7.30pm on weekdays.

Customers travelling during those times must purchase a child ticket for the bike as well as their own ticket. This includes whole, dismantled or partially dismantled bicycles.

Folding bikes are permitted on trains free of charge at any time, provided the bike is folded and carried in a bag before boarding. The bike (in its bag) must not exceed these dimensions: 82cm length x 69cm height x 39cm width with a maximum wheel rim diameter of 51cm.

Free travel does not apply to Sydney Trains bus services, including trackwork or NightRide buses.

If you hold an Opal card

Opal card users just need a valid Opal card for themselves and do not pay a separate fare for a bike.

Please ensure your bike does not block doors and passageways. Riding bikes, skateboards, scooters or skates on stations and trains is not permitted. Motorised scooters or bikes with petrol motors are not permitted.

Manual wheelchairs and battery powered wheelchairs and scooters used by customers with a disability are permitted on stations and trains.

See Wheelchairs and scooters for more information.

Commuter car parking

Some train stations have a commuter car park, see Station details for futher information.

Please refer to the signage at the station to check conditions.

See terms and conditions of entry that apply at Transport for NSW commuter car parks.

Dangerous materials

Toxic, flammable and/or hazardous materials including motorised scooters, bikes, lawn mowing or other equipment that have petrol motors, are not permitted on stations or trains.

Intercity restrictions

The South Coast, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains and Central Coast & Newcastle regions are serviced by intercity trains.

Some intercity morning and afternoon peak services are pick-up or set-down services only. This is necessary to provide enough capacity for passengers travelling to outer stations with fewer services. These services are indicated by a 'd' or 'u' in the timetable.

Fines apply to customers travelling inappropriately on these services. Customers should use their relevant suburban services.

Service connections

Connections are not guaranteed and trains may not be held in the event of late running services.

There is one exception, the weekday 6.23pm service from Campbelltown to the Southern Highlands is a guaranteed service.

Shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys from supermarkets are not permitted on station platforms or on trains.


Smoking is not permitted at stations or on trains, penalties apply.