Wheelchairs and scooters

Customer using lift at Central StationWheelchair accessible stations have a step-free path to all platforms and essential station facilities

Assisted access stations may be accessible to people using motorised wheelchairs and scooters, or for a person using a manual wheelchair, with the help of a friend or carer.

Stations with step-free entrances:
Bankstown Ramp access from North Terrace on northern side of station
Beverly Hills Lift via entrance on eastern side of King Georges Road
Bondi Junction Grafton Street on northern side of station, or from bus interchange off Oxford Street on southern side of station
Central Lift from northern entrance off Chalmers Street, or light rail entrance, or Grand Concourse entrance on western side of station (off Pitt Street)
Dundas Station Street on eastern side of station
Katoomba Lift next to roundabout on southern side of station

Remember to check that the station facilities on your journey meet your access needs before setting out.

Travelling with a mobility aid

Mobility aids include manual and motorised wheelchairs, scooters, walking frames and walking sticks.

Staff cannot operate mobility aids, or lift or carry customers or their mobility aids. If you need this sort of assistance, you will need to travel with a friend or carer.

  • Use the easy access gate to enter and exit.
  • Ask staff if you need assistance boarding.
  • Mobility aids need to be able to turn 180 degrees within an area no bigger than 154cm wide by 207cm long so you have safe access to stations, lifts, ramps, level crossings and trains.
  • Please give way to pedestrains and travel at no more than a walking pace on stations and trains.
  • While three-wheeled ride-on mobility scooters are allowed on trains and light rail, they are not allowed on buses and ferries.
  • There are no storage facilities for mobility aids at stations.

There are limits on the size and weight of mobility devices that are allowed on public transport:

Size Trains, buses, Manly ferries and light rail All other ferries
Width 80cm 74cm
Length 130cm 130cm
Weight 300kg, including you, your carer, and anyone else on the boarding ramp

Not allowed on trains or platforms at any time:

  • petrol-run scooters
  • mobility devices with a laden weight over 300kg, as they cannot use ramps to board.

Boarding ramps

Portable platform to train boarding ramps are the only safe way to board a train using a wheelchair or scooter. Boarding ramps are 80cm wide with a maximum load tolerance of 300kg. This includes the weight of yourself, your aid and anyone helping you on the ramp. All of our trains are accessible using a platform to train boarding ramp.

Wheelchair spaces on trains

Space for wheelchairs is available at the end of carriages - look for the wheelchair symbol beside the train door of wheelchair accessible cars. While on the train, position your wheelchair or scooter in the designated wheelchair space in the seated section at either end of the carriage and put on your brakes.


  • On the station platform, park your mobility aid sideways rather than facing the track.
  • Apply the brakes when waiting on the platform or travelling on the train.
  • Please remember to give way to pedestrians and travel at no faster than walking pace on stations and trains.
  • Petrol-fuelled devices are not allowed on stations or trains.
  • Storage facilities for mobility aids are not available at stations.
  • Staff cannot operate mobility aids, lift or carry customers or mobility aids.
  • Staff cannot attend to a customer's personal care on trains or stations. If you need this help to use our services, you will need to travel with a friend or carer.