At stations

Staff member assisting customerReal-time service information display screens on platforms are available at many Sydney Trains stations along with digital audio announcement systems.

Warning tactile tiles are being fitted on the edge of platforms to assist people with vision impairment. The tiles are usually 60 centimetres deep and located behind the yellow line (approximately 75 centimetres from the edge of the platform).

Some stations also have directional tiles to help wayfinding to stairs and along concourse areas. Tactile layouts vary from station to station so it's important to call the station for details if you use the tiles to help you find your way around.

Station maps showing the location of platforms, lifts and exits are available for major interchanges such as Central (1.1MB PDF).

Search for your station using our station details search.

On trains

Most train doors and handrails are painted yellow to assist you to board safely. A warning announcement is made when train doors are closing. On some trains, this is accompanied by an electronic warning tone and a light.

Sydney Trains staff are there to assist you

If you need more information about a destination, or need wayfinding assistance during your journey, ask station staff or the train guard.

Level crossings

You may need to use a level crossing to get from one side of the station to the other, and/or to access one or more platforms.

The crossings have varying levels of pedestrian controls such as:

  • signage
  • audio and visual train warnings
  • warning tactile tiles
  • chicaned approach paths
  • automatic gates
  • and emergency escape areas.

When crossing with a wheeled device, cross at right angles to the track to avoid getting your wheels stuck in the train wheel gaps on the pathway. The gaps are up to 7.5 centimetres wide.

If you are crossing with a wheeled device or have vision impairment, consider travelling with a friend or carer when using pedestrian level crossings.