Travelling with us

Section heading - First time users

First time users

A quick guide for visitors to Sydney and those planning to travel with Sydney Trains for the first time.

Section heading - Trip tips

Trip tips

Tips and advice to help make your journey more enjoyable and safe.

Section heading - Accessible services

Accessible services

Information on using our services if you are elderly, have a disability or are travelling with young children or luggage.

Section heading - Events


Find out about upcoming major events and transport arrangements to help you get there.

Section heading - Places to go and see

Places to go and see

There are plenty of fantastic places to go and see in Sydney and beyond. Find out how to get there using public transport.

Section heading - Safety and education

Safety and education

Learn how to travel safely on our trains. Read about how we're further enhancing the safety and security of the network and our customers.

Section heading - Conditions of travel

Conditions of travel

For the safety and comfort of other customers, please ensure you observe these conditions of travel.