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Address: Berry Street, Clyde
Telephone: 9848 9212

Lines serviced:

T1 North Shore LineT1 North Shore Line

T1 Western LineT1 Western Line

T6 Carlingford LineT6 Carlingford Line

Clyde is not wheelchair accessible.

Accessible entrance:

Clyde is an assisted access station. Staff-operated stair lifts provide access between the overhead station concourse and platforms.

If you intend to use the stair lifts, please contact the station. You will need to allow an extra 15 minutes to connect with other train services.

Please note that the ramps which provide access to both entrances at street level at Clyde are steeper than 1:14. Even during stair lift operating hours, people using mobility aids are advised to travel with a friend or carer.

Getting around the station


This station has stairs


This station does not have an escalator


This station has a lift

RampRamp (1:7 gradient)

This station has a ramp

Level crossingLevel crossing

This station does not have a level crossing


Hearing loopHearing loop

This station has a hearing loop

Platform tactile tilesPlatform tactile tiles

This station does not have platform tactile tiles

Portable boarding rampPortable boarding ramp

This station has a portable boarding ramp

Wheelchair accessible toiletWheelchair accessible toilet

This station does not have a wheelchair accessible toilet

Wheelchair accessible payphoneWheelchair accessible payphone

This station does not have a wheelchair accessible payphone

Wheelchair accessible carspace/sWheelchair accessible carspace/s

This station does not have wheelchair accessible carspace/s

General facilities

Opal top up machineOpal top up machine

Opal single trip ticket machineOpal single trip ticket machine


This station has a toilet


This station has a payphone

Passenger display screensPassenger display screens

This station does not have passenger display screens

Help pointHelp point

This station has a Help point

Transport interchanges

Bus stop close byBus stop close by

This station does not have a bus stop close by

Ferry WharfFerry wharf close by

This station does not have a ferry wharf close by

Taxi rank close byTaxi rank close by

This station does not have a taxi rank close by

Bike racks or bike lockersBike racks or bike lockers

This station does not have bike racks or bike lockers

Kiss and rideKiss and ride

This station has a Kiss and ride zone

Car park close byCar park close by

This station does not have a car park close by

Station staffing:

This station is attended by station staff. View hours of business for Sydney Trains' stations.