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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a technology for distributing the latest content added to a website. It allows you to receive up-to-date news and information without the need to continually revisit the Sydney Trains website.

Sydney Trains offers the following feeds

Please choose the information you are interested in receiving:


Provides information about trackwork and its impact on our train services over the next two weeks.


What do I need to view RSS feeds?

Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox have the capability to view RSS feeds. Other browsers such as Chrome have extensions available that can add RSS support. Alternatively, there are a number of RSS readers which you can download and install on your computer. Choose one that suits you and your computer system.

How do I subscribe to RSS feeds?

If you have a compatible internet browser - click on a RSS link above and follow the instructions.
If you have installed a RSS reader - right-click on a RSS link above and choose "Copy shortcut". Use the "Add new feed" (or similar) function and paste the URL into the reader by following the instructions.

How often are your RSS feeds updated?

Each feed is updated the moment the information is published to the website.

Are you able to provide further support?

We are unable to provide technical support. Please refer to the Help section of your browser or reader for further information. A quick search of the web for 'RSS' or 'feeds' may also assist.

Common Craft have developed a video which is very helpful explaining the benefits of RSS and how it works. A transcript is also available.

Video transcriptScreenshot from video

Terms of use

  1. RSS feeds may only be used for personal use and only via desktop and mobile browsers or news readers. You may not publish the information on third party websites, third party mobile apps or other similar channels. You may not include them in widgets/gadgets.
  2. You will ensure your reader is configured to look for updates no more frequently than every five minutes.
  3. Sydney Trains may terminate your access to or discontinue the RSS service at any time, without cause or providing notice of reasons and can do so without liability.
  4. Your use of this service mean that you fully accept, and agree to comply with, these terms and conditions, as well as any relevant notices and disclaimers that are contained on this website.

Open data

Transport for NSW offers access to public transport data for third-party developers through the Open Data program.