Safety and security

Driver on a Waratah trainThe Waratah train includes a number of new safety based initiatives to enhance passenger security and emergency evacuation.

The advanced design includes 64 internal CCTV cameras to monitor the entire train. The 32 Passenger Emergency Help Points are also linked to the CCTV cameras.

Another 32 CCTV cameras on the outside of the train improves the guard's view of passengers alighting and boarding - particularly on curved platforms.

The relocation of the guard's cabin to the rear of the train means passengers can move freely throughout the train - and away from any incident in the event of an emergency.

The design caters for new passenger emergency exits and there is signage outlining associated revised procedures. In an emergency passengers can now exit via ramps in the crew's cabin at either end of the train or use new self-releasing emergency door features.

Monitoring of onboard CCTVThe new emergency exit features are a direct response to Justice McInerney's Report into the Waterfall rail accident recommending that RailCorp develop alternative emergency exits for passengers.

Customers should familiarise themselves with the new safety and emergency signage - and always follow crew directions in an emergency. Unless directed by the crew, it is usually safer to stay on board the train in the event of an emergency.

The key benefits of the new safety based design of the Waratah carriages include:

  • Improved vision for guards to ensure passengers safely board and alight from the train.
  • Advanced automatic fire detection technology that alerts crew.
  • Strengthened carriages to improve crashworthiness.