Key customer features

As the Waratah trains progressively enter passenger service, Sydney commuters can expect:

Improved comfort

  • Transit officers onboard a Waratah trainSmart air-conditioning, which automatically adjusts to the temperature and the number of passengers on-board.

  • More comfortable and vandal resistant seating using a durable woollen moquette fabric.

  • Electronic screens highlighting the train stopping pattern and approaching station.

  • Improved lighting using energy saving LED lighting which is a world first for passenger trains.

Improved safety and security

  • Increased security with additional passenger Emergency Help Points on the train with direct communication access to the guard, supported by internal¬†closed-circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring all areas of the train carriage.

  • Improved safety with the strengthened carriage design and new emergency features such as:

    • Advanced fire detection technology that alerts crew.

    • Customers on a Waratah trainNew emergency exit features and a new walk-through carriage configuration so that passengers can move away from an incident to another carriage or walk through the entire train for quicker evacuation from either end of the train in an emergency.

Improved accessibility

  • Improved disability access with additional handrails, priority seats and more wheelchair spaces - 16 per eight carriage train.

  • Wider entrance areas in the train vestibule to promote faster boarding and alighting resulting in less station dwell time.