Waratah train at a stationIn designing the new Waratah train Sydney Trains consulted with disability and commuter groups to provide the best possible design outcomes for passenger accessibility, comfort and security.

There are many improved accessibility features included in the design of the new Waratah train including:

  • A total of 16 wheelchair spaces in each eight-car train.

  • 32 passenger help points adjacent to these wheelchair spaces and in vestibules providing direct communications between passengers and train crew via an intercom and CCTV.

  • Wider inter-carriage doors designed to enable wheelchair access from the vestibule area of one carriage to the adjacent vestibule in the adjoining carriage.

  • Hearing aid loops installed in carriages including the end vestibule areas of all cars providing better coverage of announcements for hearing aid users.

  • Internal passenger information displays identifying next stopping station for the hearing impaired.