NAIDOC week celebrations at Central

NAIDOC week is an opportunity for all Australians to come together to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Central Station Clock Tower

9am, Thursday 7 July 2016
Grand Concourse Central Station
Welcome ceremony: Didgeridoo performance followed by a Smoking Ceremony on Platform 1.

This year's theme 'Songlines - The Living Narrative of our Nation'

Highlights the importance of Songlines to the existence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the Dreamtime describes a time when the earth, people and animals were created by an ancestral spiritual beings. Dreaming tracks are sometimes called 'Songlines' which record the travels of these ancestral spirits who 'sung' the land into life.

Central Clock Tower illuminating Eora-The Land

Each night this week from 5:30pm until midnight Sydney Trains is projecting 'Eora-The Land', a special video created and produced by Bangarra Dance Theatre on the clock tower at Central Station. You'll see the rich history of the Eora Nation; depicting how, for thousands of years, they looked after the sacred place we live on today.

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