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Platform assistance trial at Town Hall

Posted: Wednesday 14 November 2012

Platform assistance at Town HallFrom 19 November to 14 December 2012, CityRail will trial new methods to help customers alight and board trains more quickly and safely. The trial will be conducted on platform 3 at Town Hall Station.

The trial aims to make it easier for customers to get on and off trains in a safe and swift manner which will assist trains to run on-time and improve our customers journey.

What will happen during the trial?

Customer Assistance team members at Town Hall Station will be positioned along platform 3 close to each set of train doors. The team will assist customers to alight and board trains and will be asking customers to:

  • keep clear of the blue zones if waiting on the platform
  • stand clear of the doors
  • board the train once customers have alighted
  • move well inside the train
  • remain on the platform when the train is due to depart

The Customer Assistance team will also be located near the stairways and on the concourse to help prevent crowding on the platform and to control the flow of customers to and from platform 3.

Customers are asked to follow instructions of the Customer Assistance team to ensure a smooth and safe transition to the platform. They will also be able to answer questions and provide customers with directions.

Once on board the train, there will be no change to your usual journey. It may be more comfortable because of the even spread of customers throughout the carriages.

What are the blue zones for?

Blue zones will be marked on the platform to assist the flow of customers to and from the platform and help ease congestion. Customers who are waiting on the platform will be asked to keep clear of the blue zones to give customers who are alighting trains a clear pathway to exit to the concourse.

Which train lines are involved in the trial?

This trial will take place on platform 3 at Town Hall Station for trains on the Newcastle & Central Coast, Northern and North Shore lines.

When will the trial be in operation?

The trial will be in operation during the morning peak on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 7.00am and 9.30am.

Why has platform 3 at Town Hall Station been selected for this trial?

Platform 3 at Town Hall is one of the busiest platforms on the CityRail network and it is easily congested during peak travel times causing delays to customers and trains.

What will happen after the trial?

The trial will take place for a limited time – from 19 November until 14 December 2012. After the four-week trial, CityRail may use these boarding procedures at times when there are a significant number of customers on the platform.

CityRail may also look at using these boarding procedures at other busy locations in the future to help trains run on-time.

CityRail is not planning to test these methods on other platforms during the trial and does not anticipate any change to the usual day-to-day operation of services at other stations.

Thank you for your support during this trial.