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Quiet carriages now permanent on Blue Mountains and South Coast intercity services

Posted: Saturday 1 September 2012

To provide customers with a more relaxing journey, quiet carriages are now permanent on all intercity services operating on the Blue Mountains and South Coast lines.

Quiet carriages enable customers to travel longer distances in a carriage with reduced noise levels and are located in the first and last carriages of 8-car trains, and the last carriage of 4-car trains.

Quiet carriages have been introduced as a result of customer feedback following a three month trial where customers have indicated their continued support. Quiet carriages were first introduced to the Newcastle and Central Coast Line earlier this year and will also remain available.

Customers will find it easier to locate quiet carriages through the roll-out of new platform signage, improved train and station announcements, and updated station posters and flyers.

Everyone is welcome to travel in a quiet carriage, however customers are reminded to place mobile phones on silent, move carriages to have a conversation with a fellow passenger, and use headphones with mobile devices, keeping the volume to a minimum.

Regular carriages remain available to customers who do not want to use a quiet carriage.

To tell us how we can continue to improve the quiet carriage service you can use the feedback form or call 131 500.