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More quiet carriages

Posted: Wednesday 23 May 2012

Shhhhh, quiet carriages are operatingFrom 1 June, Newcastle & Central Coast Line quiet carriage services are a permanent feature on all intercity services. Quiet carriage trials will also take place on all intercity services on the Blue Mountains and South Coast lines for three months.

What are quiet carriages?

Quiet carriages are those where passengers are asked to observe the peace and quiet by refraining from:

  • loud conversations
  • using mobile phones
  • playing loud music

Total silence is not expected in a quiet carriage, but customers have told us that they can be frustrated by the inconsiderate behaviour of other passengers. This initiative helps provide a better train journey for everyone.

Where are quiet carriages operating?

The last carriage of all 4-car intercity trains and the first and last carriages of all 8-car intercity trains on the following lines are designated quiet carriages:

Newcastle & Central Coast LineNewcastle & Central Coast Line (ongoing from 1 June)

Blue Mountains LineBlue Mountains Line (3 month trial from 1 June to 31 August)

South Coast LineSouth Coast Line (3 month trial from 1 June to 31 August)

Staff will continue to make announcements and additional signage at stations will remind passengers which carriages are quiet carriages.

In order for us to maintain operational flexibility with our train carriages, we are unable to display quiet carriage signage on trains. However in the future, major outer suburban stations between Newcastle and Berowra will feature signage on platforms.

How are they regulated?

Quiet carriages are customer regulated. There are no penalties for not being quiet in a quiet carriage, but we encourage everyone to observe the peace and quiet and not to disturb other passengers.

The ongoing success of the quiet carriage initiative depends on everyone being courteous and respecting their fellow passengers by adhering to the quiet carriage guidelines.

If you prefer not to use the quiet carriages, we encourage you to travel in another carriage of the train. Almost three quarters of all intercity train carriages are not subject to the quiet carriage guidelines.

Your feedback

During the initial trial, nearly 90 per cent of customers said travelling in quiet carriages had improved their overall travel experience. In a further vote of support for the initiative, 98 per cent indicated they intended to continue using quiet carriages in the future.

We are still interested to know what you think of the quiet carriage initiative, along with any suggestions on how it can be improved.

You can provide feedback by visiting the feedback form.