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Relocation of train guards on selected peak hour Central Coast services

Posted: Wednesday 16 May 2012

Train guard on an OscarSome peak hour services to/from the Central Coast that travel via the North Shore operate as Oscars.

Ordinarily train guards are located in the rear carriage of intercity services. However the train guard will now be located in the middle carriages for the entire journey for these selected services. This takes effect from 21 May 2012.

The following services are affected. All services operate via the North Shore Line:

Morning peak

  • 5.42am Wyong to Central
  • 6.13am Wyong to Central
  • 6.42am Wyong to Central
  • 6.44am Gosford to Central
  • 7.14am Wyong to Central

Afternoon peak

  • 4.10pm Central to Wyong
  • 4.40pm Central to Wyong
  • 5.08pm Central to Wyong
  • 5.18pm Central to Wyong
  • 5.40pm Central to Gosford