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Response to CBD rail corridor claims

Posted: Wednesday, 7 October 2009

CityRail and Sydney Metro are working together to improve public transport across Sydney - including the CBD.

There are no competing agendas - in fact CityRail and metro services will complement one another, contrary to claims in recent media reports.

Sydney Metro Stage 1, Central to Rozelle, is the first part of a wider metro network for Sydney that will take rail to new places and corridors currently reliant on buses and cars.

But it will also serve a more immediate need to create additional capacity in the CBD, taking pressure off CityRail and bus services.

The Pitt Street rail corridor in the CBD allows an alignment to the north west along Victoria Road - a key aim of the metro network. This route to the north west could not be followed from the western CBD corridor.

The western corridor remains available for future rail expansion in the CBD.

Contrary to the reported claims, this western corridor will also provide relief to Town Hall.

The 2007 Connell Wagner report which has been quoted in media reports was not commissioned by Government and has been superseded. It predates detailed planning for the metro network in Sydney.

In May 2009, the Chief Executives of RailCorp and Sydney Metro signed a partnership commitment, marking the start of a long-term and collaborative partnership between the two agencies in the delivery of public transport services to the people of Sydney. You can view the commitment at the RailCorp website.

The NSW Government's Transport Blueprint will have more detail on future directions for a combined CityRail and Sydney Metro rail network.