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CityRail welcomes improved customer satisfaction

Posted: Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The new-look CityRail homepageCityRail has welcomed the results of the latest Survey of CityRail Customers, released this week by the state's Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator (ITSRR). ITSRR's report confirms that we're improving across a range of areas, including reliability, customer service, information and security.

The survey is the sixth to be conducted and included CityRail customers from both suburban Sydney and regional areas on our network.

In line with the 2008 results, this year's survey revealed that CityRail's website (pictured), station staff and signage were among the aspects of the service with the highest satisfaction ratings.

Where we've improved

ITSRR recorded substantial improvements across 12 aspects of the service, with six showing improvements of five percentage points or more.

Aspect of service 2009 satisfaction rating
Punctuality of train 79% Up by 6
Staff effectiveness in dealing with security problems 74% Up by 6
Delays and cancellations 72% Up by 6
CityRail complaints service 66% Up by 6
Timeliness of delay and cancellation announcements 77% Up by 5
Clarity of announcements on the train 62% Up by 5

In addition, dissatisfaction fell in 13 aspects of service, with dissatisfaction over punctuality of trains and delays and cancellations falling most significantly.

Further improvements

While the results are the best for CityRail since the survey began in 2004, ITSRR's report also represents an opportunity for us to take stock of where we need to improve our performance.


Although decreasing by 4% this year, the report confirms that our customers are still dissatisfied with crowding on trains during peak hours. CityRail is working to address this issue through:

Commuter car parks

Another area of concern for our customers is the availability of secure car parking at stations.

RailCorp, together with the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (TIDC) and other agencies, are working to deliver additional commuter car parking at stations across suburban Sydney, the Central Coast, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains.