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Town Hall platform 2 - don't huddle together

Posted: Tuesday 12 May 2009

Don't huddle togetherWe'll be testing new methods to improve the flow of customers on our platforms at Town Hall Station platform 2 from 18 to 29 May 2009.

Improving the flow of customers on our platforms means everyone can get on and off the trains more easily, ensuring customer safety and allowing trains to run on-time.

Platform 2 at Town Hall is one of the busiest platforms on the CityRail network and it can get congested in the peak periods. That's why it's an ideal location for this test.

What we're testing

As part of the test, CityRail staff will be positioned along the platform close to each set of train doors and will be asking customers:

  • to wait behind the yellow line
  • to move well inside the train and asking them to stand clear of the doors
  • not to board the train when it is due to depart
  • to spread along the platform.

CityRail staff will be clearly identifiable during the test period and will be asking customers to follow their instructions. They will also be able to assist with any questions and provide directions.

Who will be affected?

This test will affect customers boarding and alighting from Western, Northern and North Shore line services on platform 2 at Town Hall, on weekdays between 3.30pm and 6.30pm.

What will happen after the test?

These methods are not intended to be used all the time. If the test is successful, we may use these methods at times where there are a significant number of customers on the platforms, such as special events.

Once on board the train, there will be no change to your usual trip other than it may be more comfortable because of the more even spread of customers throughout the carriages.

We are not planning to test these methods on other platforms and do not anticipate any change to the usual day-to-day operations at other stations.

We appreciate your co-operation during this time.