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The new 14 Day RailPass

Posted: Tuesday 24 June 2008

The new 14 Day RailPassFrom Thursday 26 June, the 14 Day RailPass will be available at more than 190 stations across the network.

The 14 Day RailPass was launched last month at 25 selected stations to help reduce queues at ticket windows during peak periods on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Almost 18,000 tickets have been sold to date, which represents around 15 per cent of weekly ticket customers switching to the 14 Day RailPass.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Where can I purchase my 14 Day RailPass?
A. The 14 Day RailPass is available from all stations with ticket windows (most larger stations). At this stage it is not currently available from ticket vending machines.

Q.When can I purchase my 14 Day RailPass?
A. You can buy your 14 Day RailPass any day of the week. If you get paid fortnightly, why not buy your ticket on pay day?

Q. How often can I travel?
A. You can make as many trips as you like across the CityRail network over the 14 consecutive days between the dates and between the stations shown on your ticket. You have the freedom to get on or off at any station between those shown on the ticket.

Q. Can I buy my 14 Day RailPass after 3.00pm, the day before I need it?
A. Yes. If you purchase your 14 Day RailPass after 3.00pm, you can travel by train that afternoon plus a further 14 consecutive days - just like a 7 Day RailPass.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. The 14 Day RailPass is exactly twice the price of a 7 Day RailPass and there's no application form to fill out!

Q. Are child and student fares available?
A. Yes. A child or student ticket is half the equivalent adult fare. Just show your concession card to staff at the ticket window.

Q. How much will I save if I buy a 14 Day RailPass?
A. When you buy a 14 Day RailPass you only pay for around eight weekday return trips, so you can enjoy up to six days travel for free.

If you regularly purchase single or return tickets you can save money with a 14 Day RailPass. For example, if you travel from St Leonards to the City you would save 35% compared to buying 14 daily return tickets.

Q. Can I "top-up" my ticket?
A. At this stage you'll need to buy a new 14 Day RailPass each fortnight from the ticket window staff. Don't forget you can buy your 14 Day RailPass after 3.00pm the day before your current ticket expires.

Anything else I need to know?

  • 14 days consecutive travel cannot be stopped e.g. in case of sickness.
  • If your ticket is lost or stolen, unfortunately it cannot be refunded.
  • If you plan to enter or exit at an Airport Line station you will need to pay an additional Station Access Fee.