News - 2008


Customer Charter sets service improvement goals
Transport Minister David Campbell and RailCorp CEO Rob Mason today announced CityRail's Customer Charter, committing to improvements in seven areas customers have told us are most important to them.


Changes to CityRail fares
The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal today released its final determination of fares for CityRail passenger services for the next four years, starting from 4 January 2009.


Airport & East Hills Line timetable changes
From Monday 15 December 2008 there will be some timetable changes affecting services on the Airport & East Hills Line.


Revesby Station platform changes
From Monday 15 December 2008 there will be some platform changes at Revesby Station.


CityRail celebrates International Day of People with Disability
CityRail is pleased to support people with disability and will host an information event and morning tea on Thursday 4 December for the public at Central Station.


Platform changes at Chatswood Station
From Monday 10 November, the next stage of the Chatswood Transport Interchange project will be completed with the reconfiguration of the station platforms at Chatswood Station.


New services and timetable changes
From Monday 13 October several lines across the CityRail network will be affected by timetable changes commencing from 5.50am.


Changes at Epping Station
Customers are advised that Central Coast and local Hornsby services may depart from either Platform 2 or Platform 3.


Satisfaction survey shows improvement
CityRail customers have acknowledged the initiatives put in place over the last year and have reported an increased level of satisfaction in many areas of our service.


New services and timetable changes
Timetable changes will be made to some Southern Highlands and Airport & East Hills lines services from Sunday 14 September 2008.


Expression of Interest for a new ticketing system
The NSW Government today called for Expression of Interest for a new ticketing system.


New services and timetable changes
Timetable changes will be made to some weekday services from Monday, 18 August 2008.


CityRail performance data
CityRail has redesigned and revised its performance data pages to make them more transparent and customer-friendly.


The new 14 Day RailPass
From Thursday 26 June, the 14 Day RailPass will be available at more than 190 stations across the network.


Werrington powers up with solar
Deputy Premier and Minister for Transport John Watkins today unveiled Sydney's first railway station powered by photovoltaic cells.


The new 14 Day RailPass
From Wednesday 21 May CityRail will trial a 14 Day RailPass to help reduce congestion at ticket windows on Monday mornings.


Turramurra Station Easy Access upgrade
CityRail is pleased to announce the opening of new Easy Access facilities at Turramurra Station from 12 May 2008.


Escalator maintenance at Town Hall Station
For six weeks starting Monday 5 May, escalator 3, at the southern end of platforms 5 and 6 will undergo a major overhaul.


Newcastle & Central Coast and Hunter Line timetable changes
Two new weekend services will be introduced on the Newcastle & Central Coast Line and a weekend timetable change will be made on the Hunter Line from Saturday 5 April 2008.


New information screens being introduced
A new passenger information system is currently being introduced to our 35 passenger information screens at 25 locations across the network.


Summer 2007/08 timetable ends
Some CityRail services will depart earlier from stations due to the end of summer timetable changes to CountryLink services.


Changes to services from Monday 21 January
Timetable changes from Monday 21 January 2008 will mean alterations to some train services on the North Shore, Western and Newcastle & Central Coast lines.