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Structures over rail

Posted: Wednesday 21 March 2007

RailCorp's Chief Executive Officer, Vince Graham, said today the safety of the rail network was the reason further documents relating to the Goulburn Street car park and other structures over rail were not released to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mr Graham said that RailCorp had provided most of the documents that related to the structures, to the applicant.

RailCorp has provided a large volume of material to the applicant since the request was first made.

In the interests of protecting the security of the structures, some of the details in these documents were not released.

Following a review which was requested by the NSW Ombudsman, RailCorp maintained its position that releasing these documents would compromise the security of the structures.

This decision was based on the fact that the remaining documents contained detailed information about the structures that if made public would pose a security risk.

RailCorp stands by its decision not to release information that amounts to a how to' manual for individuals wanting to destroy a structure in a high density areas and pose serious danger to passengers and staff.

RailCorp has a very good record when it comes to transparency and releasing documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

Mr Graham said the large volume of documents provided to newspaper included a range of expert independent risk assessments identifying any particular issues with the six structures which are built over railway lines.

These assessments have identified that RailCorp is effectively managing the safety risks at Goulburn Street and the six sites.

Status of works at these locations

1. Central Flyovers (track structures near Central Station) Measures such as high levels of maintenance and enforced speed restrictions have reduced risks associated with these structures to an acceptable level.
2. Development near Hurstville Station RailCorp installed guard rails in the area, which are designed to contain a derailment.
3. Marrickville Car Park Marrickville Car Park was assessed and demolished.
4. North Sydney Air Space Development Measures such as track upgrades, the extension of guard rails which are designed to contain a derailment, installation of wheel stops and structural measures to prevent potential vehicle damage to facade wall, and regular maintenance have reduced the risk of this structure to an acceptable level.
5. Bankstown Air Space Development Demolition of the overhead structure has been completed.
6. Goulburn Street Car Park Following a range of reports and reviews by experts in engineering and risk management, RailCorp has taken actions including the installation of guard rails which are designed to contain a derailment underneath Goulburn Street Car park, review of the deflection walls which offer an additional layer of protection for the columns which support the car park, and the implementation of a 30 km/h speed restriction underneath the car park. Studies into this car park are ongoing.