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Level crossings - don't find out the hard way

Posted: Friday 24 February 2006

An advertising campaign designed to create awareness about the dangers of ignoring safety rules when using pedestrian level crossings was launched today in Wollongong.

The key message of the campaign is to cross the tracks, always use the pedestrian level crossing and Jonathan Benica, a 26-year-old man who was hit by a train when crossing railway tracks is helping get this message across. Jonathan also plays a key role in our Youth Safety Outreach program.

While many people are familiar with the need to obey safety rules when driving through level crossings, the dangers associated with pedestrians crossing railway lines are less understood. The aim of the campaign is to make sure people use pedestrian level crossings and stay alert and safe.

The $180,000 campaign includes radio and TV advertising, posters at stations and a letterbox drop of brochures explaining how to use pedestrian level crossings safely. While campaign is targeting people who live near level crossings in the Illawarra area to begin with, it's planned to extend it to other areas in the future.