Site help

View the following topics to learn how to navigate the website, search timetables, find out fare information and more.

What can you do on the Sydney Trains website

  1. Find the train timetable you need for the day and time you want to travel in Timetables.
  2. Use the Trip Planner tool to plan a door-to-door journey using trains, buses or ferries.
  3. Find information in Live travel news on current and scheduled trackwork and service delays.
  4. Calculate the cost of your train fare depending on your travel route in Fare calculator.
  5. Locate the train station and line you need to use with the Network map feature in Stations and maps.
  6. Find information about facilities available at every train station in the network - for example, wheelchair access, escalators, toilets, car parks, etc in Station details.
  7. Obtain news about future Sydney Trains projects underway that are helping us improve our train services.
  8. Save your frequent train timetable, fare calculation and station details searches in My Sydney Trains.

The new-look Sydney Trains website

How to search train timetables

You can select the line and direction you want to catch - for example, the Inner West Line and whether you need a timetable going to or from the City. See example below.

  1. Select the line from the drop down list shown - for example, Inner West Line.
  2. Select the direction you want to travel in - for example, Museum to Liverpool via Regents Park.
  3. Select the Leave after or Arrive before option
  4. Enter the day and time you want to travel
  5. Click the View timetable button to display the whole timetable schedule for this line.

If you want to use this search on a regular basis you can click the Remember me box and the selections you have entered will be stored in the My Sydney Trains link for when you next use the Sydney Trains website next time.

Note: it is important you check the Remember me box before you click the View timetable button for this information to show in the My Sydney Trains section of the site.

You can easily switch direction in the results page if you have selected the wrong one. You can also print the schedule if you need to take it with you.

Shortcut keys

Ctrl+down: expands the middle stations (stations between the departure and arrival stations). If you keep hitting the control down key then it will close the table with focus and open the next one in the chain - when it reaches the end it will open the first.
Ctrl+up: contracts the middle stations that are open (the next ctrl+down will open the next table)
Right: moves ALL tables to the left (same as clicking the "Next" button)
Left: moves ALL tables to the right (same as clicking the "Previous" button)
Ctrl+right: moves table with "focus" (the table with it’s middle rows showing/expanded) to the left (same as clicking the "Next" button).
Ctrl+left: moves table with "focus" (the table with it’s middle rows showing/ expanded) to the right (same as clicking the "Previous" button).
Shift+up: toggles the appearance/hiding of pre arrival stations on table with "focus".
Shift+down: toggles the appearance/hiding of post departure stations on table with "focus".

Search train timetables

How to use the Trip Planner

You can plan your trip using the Trip Planner tool located on the homepage. This shows you how to get to and from a fixed street address, a station/bus stop or landmark place using Sydney trains, buses or ferries.

  1. select address/station/stop/landmark from the drop down box. The fields displayed to the right of the drop down box will change depending on your selection.
  2. if you selected address, place the cursor in the box to the right of the address drop down box and enter your street address - for example 22 Regent Place.
  3. enter your suburb e.g. Petersham
  4. select the Leave after or Arrive before option. The More options link allows you to select more advanced features such as fix your transport mode, record walking speed, trip preferences, mobility options.
  5. enter the day and time you want to travel
  6. click the View trip button to display a window confirming your To and From address information - see example below
  7. if the details are correct click the Continue button. This shows you your optimal route using train, bus or ferry.

(If the details are not correct, click the Amend trip link.)

131500 Trip Planner

Using the Fare calculator

You can access the Fare calculator from the Train Timetable results screen or from the Tickets drop down menu on the top navigation.

The Fare calculator shows you how much your train trip with a range of ticket options.

Fare calculator

How do I find information about trackwork?

Trackwork is now integrated within all our timetables (except PDF downloadable timetables). You can check what Trackwork is scheduled on your line by clicking on the Trackwork link shown next to your line (if current trackwork is occurring) or use View all link on the Trackwork summary section underneath Live travel news.

The Trackwork page - located under the Service updates drop down menu, publishes current, coming (next 2 weeks) and proposed (next 6 months) trackwork schedules.

How do I find out my closest station?

The Stations and maps drop down menu at the top of the Sydney Trains homepage shows you Network map and Station details information.

You can select the station you are interested in from the Network map page by clicking on the Stations and maps drop down menu - for example Penrith.

Similarly, if you want to find out location and facility information about a certain station you can select the Station details item from the Station and maps drop down menu.

If you select a station, for example Strathfield and click the Go button something similar to the below is displayed.

Searching for station information

You can select the facility (toilets, wheelchair accessible etc) you are interested in from the Search for a facility drop down list and select the line you want to find the locations of these facilities. An example is provided below for wheelchair accessible stations on the Inner West Line.