You can help

There are a number of ways you can assist Sydney Trains with our service performance:

  • If youre feeling unwell, do not board the train. We can get help to you much quicker at the station. If you're already on the train and feel unwell, where possible alight at the next station and see our station staff.

  • Spread out along the platform so as not to overcrowd one carriage.

  • Board the train as quickly as possible and move inside the carriage - please do not obstruct the doorways.

  • Take care on steps and platforms, and always stand behind the yellow line. Be especially careful if you are travelling after drinking. Many injuries are alcohol related.

  • Allow passengers to alight first before boarding the train.

  • If you require boarding assistance, please make contact with staff as soon as you arrive at the station so they can help you board the train more quickly and safely.

  • Do not hold the doors open or attempt to board the train after the whistle and 'doors closing' warning has been given.

  • Report problems or potential problems to station staff. This will help our train controllers minimise delays by re-routing trains, plan new paths and services or get an incident response team on site quickly.