Our performance

Our punctuality performance target is to have at least 92% of peak services arrive within five minutes for suburban services and six minutes for intercity services. This is in line with interstate and international benchmarks. View our performance data.

View our performance data

What affects our performance?
You too can help our performance

The performance of our trains can be affected by a number of factors. Trains may run late or be cancelled because of:

  • Passenger illness
  • Fatalities
  • Delays caused by longer dwell times at stations
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Train problems
  • Signal, track, overhead wiring and points problems
  • Vandalism and anti-social behaviour
  • Overcrowding in the centre carriages

When delays or cancellations occur, timetable changes such as skipping scheduled stops may be made. This helps minimise the impact of the delay on following services and for the majority of our customers.