Safety first

The rail way is the safe way

The 'safety first' message has long been part of the history and culture of the NSW railways. It featured prominently in historic railway advertising.

Vintage The Railway is the Safe Way posters
The iconic 38 class locomotive shown in these 1940s advertisements helped promote safety and service to the public.
Take a closer look at these 1940 safety posters

Safety first pamphlets

Each 'safety first' pamphlet included safety awareness messages and work-practices, such as the 'right way' to open a horse-box. The pamphlets used a mix of humour, art and shock tactics to promote safety in the workplace.

Vintage - Safety first pamphlets from 1915-1923
Here are some examples of the 'safety first' pamphlets that were published monthly between 1915-1923.
Take a closer look at these safety first pamphlets