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An apprentice assisting with train maintenanceFacilitating over a million trips a day, Sydney Trains operate quick, frequent and reliable trains in the Sydney suburban area. We offer employees stimulating, and rewarding work, as well as unique employment experiences concentrated on career progression, learning and flexibility.

There's a bright new future for railways in NSW

Career opportunities with Sydney Trains represent real and exciting change in workplace culture. We're looking for people who want to focus on customer service and make a difference to commuters' every day experience.

Sydney Trains operates as a function of Transport for New South Wales who employs more than 25,000 people across a range of industries and professions. Sydney Trains aims to employ the most talented people to work for our organisation who are committed to delivering services for our customers and contributing to a safe, reliable and efficient transport network.

In order to achieve these aims we're recruiting passionate and dedicated team members from across the public and private sectors to join Sydney Trains across various departments within the organisation.

Positions can include roles in:

  • customer service
  • engineering
  • legal
  • human resources
  • train driving
  • and even maintaining tracks across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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